Stephen & April Baker


THE NATIONS FOR CHRIST started in the heart of Missionary Stephen Baker as a ministry to reach the nations for Christ. Stephen believed this could be done through evangelism, leadership training, and teamwork with other like-minded Christian leaders.

In 2006 Nations for Christ was founded as a Georgia non-profit corporation and quickly gained its United States 501(c)3 status as a charity. My wife, April, and I traveled to the Island of Ireland, Scotland, England, Peru, Venezuela, and prisons, jails, and churches in the United States sharing Christ. God blessed tremendously!


In 2008, Stephen’s father became sick and he and April left missions ministry to care for him. In 2016, God led the Bakers to minister at Harmony Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia. Stephen became the pastor. Today, he ministers from the pulpit of Harmony each Sunday.

Over the last several years, God has given me a burden to relaunch the Nations for Christ as a ministry focused on its founding principles: evangelism, training, and teamwork. Working with our Board of Directors we have created a blueprint for moving forward to start an online Bible Institute for training leaders.


A prominent part of Stephen’s ministry is writing. He has published 9 books through CrossLife Press and has been writing since 2005. THE NATIONS FOR CHRIST has a goal of reaching the world by providing books on evangelism, apologetics, and theology free of charge to missionaries who will use them to help train leaders. Already, Stephen’s books have been studied by Bible students in South Africa. They have been given away to many incarcerated men and women and his gospel tracts have been read in South and Central America, the United States, and Europe. On this website, Stephen’s articles on various subjects will be published and freely available.


  • Stephen Baker, Pastor: Harmony Baptist Church. Missionary with MWBM (2005-2009).  
  • Travis Snode, VBM General Director, Missionary: United Kingdom (2002-2022).
  • Kevin Hall, Missionary: South Africa
  • Richard Steele, Chaplain: Whitfield County Jail
  • Name Withheld to protect the identity of this board member due to the sensitive nature of his field of service.  


  • April Baker


We believe in the following:

  1. The Absolute Authority and Divine Verbal Inspiration of the Old and New Testaments as the Word of God. The Bible we use in English is the Authorized (King James) Version.
  2. There is but one living and true God, and in the Godhead, there are three Persons, equal in power and glory, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.
  3. The Eternal Sonship, Virgin Birth, and Deity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  4. The personality of God the Holy Spirit, and the absolute necessity of His work in Regeneration and Sanctification, and His Infilling of the Indwelt Believer for power to live and witness for Christ.
  5. The Substitutionary Death of the Lord Jesus Christ for the sins of the world and His bodily Resurrection as the only way of Salvation through Faith.
  6. God has appointed besides the Word and Prayer the ordinances of believer’s Baptism by immersion and the Lord’s Supper.
  7. We believe in the spiritual unity of all believers in Jesus Christ and cherish every Scriptural expression of that unity. However, we reject the unscriptural attempts at church union by such organizations as the World Council of Churches and Evangelicals and Catholics Together.
  8. The visible and personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  9. Salvation is by grace through faith alone, in Christ alone, without the addition of human works.
  10. Saving faith and repentance are inseparable graces and necessary works of the Holy Spirit in the salvation of sinners.
  11. It is God’s expressed desire to have the Gospel of Christ preached to every person in the world, and for every human being to have a chance to be saved. It is the duty of the local church to evangelize the world. Though we cannot convert the whole world, we can share the gospel message with every creature.