A high-quality biblical education:

All of our courses of study are designed by pastors, missionaries and Bible teachers with many years of practical ministry experience. Our teachers hold advanced degrees in ministry related fields from recognized, conservative theological seminaries such as Crown College and Liberty University. 

An important reminder:

We are not a Bible college or seminary. We do not offer degrees, or postsecondary certificates or diplomas. We do not offer seminary or college credits. We are a Bible institute: a training-center for students who wish to gain knowledge of the Bible and theology. 

Ensuring Quality:

The quality of of our training program is monitored by our Board of Directors and by our Advisory Board.  

When appropriate, we use outside resources from reputable, biblical training websites like: BlueLetterBible.com and BiblicalTraining.org.  

Theological Perspective 

All of our courses of study are taught from a conservative, evangelical and Baptist theological perspective. 

Society Membership:

The Nations for Christ is a member of the Trinitarian Bible Society in the United States of America.