Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to equip students who have a passion for learning theology with the tools they need to grow spiritually, and serve in their churches and communities. We do this by providing sound, scholarly instruction in a self-paced study environment.  

Ready to change your world? 

Study the Bible with us and change your world! We offer basic and advanced classes in the Bible, theology and practical ministry. If you are ready to make an impact on the world for Jesus Christ, we can help equip you to do it! 

What is a Bible Institute?

The Nations for Christ Bible Institute is a full-featured biblical training school, offering tuition-free education to anyone who wants to gain a knowledge of the Bible, Christian theology and ministry. Our mission is to equip you to serve in your local church! Our desire is to be a part of the process of equipping students to serve as pastors, lay-ministers and Bible teachers. 

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply (subject to our terms of use). We do not discriminate against anyone. While the Bible has certain guidelines about who should be a pastor or Bible teacher, and what defines a Christian and Christian conduct; we believe that a biblical education is good for everyone! Click here to apply now. 

“What will I earn for completing the courses?” 

Our courses are divided into levels: A, B, C, D, and E. For each level that is successfully completed, the student will earn a Certificate of Achievement. You must complete each level in order (first A, then B, then C, etc). After you have completed the E level, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam. The student who successfully completes the final exam will earn a Bible Institute Graduate Certificate. This demonstrates that you have completed all levels and courses of the Bible Institute successfully. All of your earned certificates are auto-generated after the course of study has been completed. They may be printed, and are stored in your student Dashboard


Our Bible Institute is tuition-free, meaning that we do not charge for tuition (or for anything else for that matter). All books are online and free. There is no registration fee. There is no graduation fee. We operate entirely on a voluntary donation basis. Click here to donate. 

Why enroll in the NFC Bible Institute instead of a seminary? 

Many seminaries offer online studies. Some of our courses are advanced and similar to what the student might find in a Bible college. In fact, if you are considering going to Bible college or seminary, we are a good place to start! We are not in competition with other institutions of biblical studies, but rather see ourselves as a compliment to this type of education. But before you spend many thousands of dollars on a seminary education, why not graduate from the Bible Institute for free? We will help prepare you for your future!